Friday, March 25, 2011

To all of you who have e-mailed re: Reiki and oils

Dear readers,

I want to thank you so much for your support of my blog. I have not been back to this blog for years, but I keep on getting responses. Hmm, maybe I should start a new blog on my web site. When i started this blog, I did not really know how Reiki would really change my life in so many ways.

I have updated my story (please And for those of you who want me to respond to you directly, please send me an e-mail at:

I am located in Manhattan should any of you want to experience a Reiki session with essential oils and metaphysical healing. All very powerful.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Lisa Dee


reiki addict said...

Reiki, it is ancient Japanese healing system which uses relaxed and gentle touches to balance and harmonize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In this manner, it addresses both the cause and the symptoms of imbalance and illness.

what is reiki? said...

I loved your blog,i asked my self what is reiki ? many times until one day i decided to google it and that's how i found your blog,your articles made me soo eager to learn more about it. thx for posting these helpfull informations. smiles

learn reiki said...

i loved your blog because it helped me lear reiki more .

reiki practitioner said...

@ reiki addict , nice explanation :)

reiki said...

Thanks for this useful information,Really a nice post.