Saturday, August 25, 2007

Reiki Energy Healing is Used in Hospitals

Patricia Alandydy is an RN and a Reiki Master. She is the Assistant Director of Surgical Services at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With the support of her Director Jocclyn King and CEO William Schuler, she has made Reiki services available to patients within the Surgical Services Department. This is one of the largest departments in the hospital and includes the operating room, Central Supply, the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, the Ambulatory Care Unit and the Fourth Floor where patients are admitted after surgery. During telephone interviews with pre-op patients, Reiki is offered along with many other services. If patients request it, Reiki is then incorporated into their admission the morning of surgery, and an additional 15-20 minute session is given prior to their transport to the operating room. Some Reiki has also been done in the operating room at Portsmouth Regional.

At hospitals and clinics across America, Reiki is beginning to gain acceptance as a meaningful and cost-effective way to improve patient care. "Reiki sessions cause patients to heal faster with less pain," says Marilyn Vega, RN, a private-duty nurse at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. [Reiki] accelerates recovery from surgery, improves mental attitude and reduces the negative effects of medication and other medical procedures.

Vega, a Reiki master, includes Reiki with her regular nursing procedures. Because the patients like Reiki, she has attracted a lot of attention from other patients through word of mouth, as well as from members of the hospital staff. Patients have asked her to do Reiki on them in the operating and recovery rooms. She has also been asked to do Reiki sessions on cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, including patients with bone marrow transplants. Recognizing the value of Reiki in patient care, 6 doctors and 25 nurses have taken Reiki training with her.

Reiki has been verified by recent scientific experiments and researches, some medical doctors are considering the role it plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process. From January-June of 2002, approximately 1,480 Reiki sessions were provided at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut. Surveys show that Reiki had a positive impact by reducing stress/anxiety an average of 94%, nausea 80%, pain 78%, and improved sleep 86%. Some medical therapists and nurses also use Reiki as an assistant technique to help their cancer patients to improve their mind and immune system during the healing process.


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Lisa Dee Reiki Master Healer said...

Thank you, anonymous. I am working hard to offer people the most accurate and informative information. In addition,I want people to know i had my own personal experience with Reiki and Shaman work all because of an ILLNESS. I was not able to write much about this on muy blog-so please go to my web site.

Devendra said...

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Tanja who loves Reiki Healing said...

Thanks for this blog post! I'm always really interested to read about Reiki being used by doctors and in hospitals. It won't be long before it will be considered standard practice!


Reiki Master Healer Lisa Dee said...

Hi Tanja,

yes, Reiki is certainly known in hospitals such as, Memorial Sloane Kettering, Columbia Presbytarian and Beth Israel. All located in Manhattan. I myself, have worked in Sloane and seen what good Reiki can do. In these touch times, Reiki is being more accepted as a modality in which to help with anxiety and tension. In conjunction with essential oils, such powerful healings can take place.

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